Maritimes SubZero CO2-Powerunit Energysystem

The GreenShip brings considerable propulsion advantages in maritime shipbuilding with its total cost savings in fuel and the revolutionary overall concept with the azimuth jet propulsion.

This allows the global topic of ship and transport to be completely rethought. In the overall concept, a GreenShip does not require deep harbour basins or tugs, as it can turn on the spot under its own power. Due to the missing component of fuel costs, smaller ships or voyages that do not use the entire cargo space are also worthwhile.

The unlimited range is also a big step towards autonomous shipping…

The azimuth jet nozzles along the bottom of the ship serve both for propulsion and control.

The ultimate greenship with SubZero CO2-propulsion energy system technology, which generates propulsion energy for unlimited ranges by means of heat exchange with horizontal seawater heating, sets a maritime milestone in shipbuilding and autonomous shipping.

Mobility of water vehicles takes place in the energy-rich medium of water, whose low temperatures were previously not usable for energy. The new SubZero technology, which, in contrast to fossil combustion engines, extracts propulsion power from the environment with the aid of new types of low-temperature working machines, turns previous propulsion concepts upside down.

Gas fluids experience temperature-dependent changes in volume and pressure. Particularly subcritical CO2 two-phase fluid circuits (liquid and gaseous) can generate thermal energy from low water temperature, which is transformed into emission-free drive power using an innovative CO2 working process. In the closed CO2 two-phase circuit, a novel gas expansion engine expands the expanding CO2 working gas down to -56°C, which, after internal gas condensation and load change with fresh CO2 gas, creates a new working cycle with
hydrodynamic drive power.

This makes it possible to completely dispense with fossil fuels in power generation and combustion engines. Thus, every greenship makes an active contribution against global warming without CO2 emissions in shipping.

System advantages

  • no emissions from incineration
  • Environmentally neutral drive
  • no fuel costs
  • no polluting operating materials
  • unlimited range
  • additional cargo space

Advantages in daily use

  • minimised holding distance
  • Turning circle corresponds to the length of the ship
  • Docking and port entrances without tugboats
  • high manoeuvrability when reversing