SubZero Riverthermie Power Plant

Power generation from hydrothermal energy

Conventional run-of-river power plants generate electricity using water turbines over dammed river water. SubZero Riverpower Plants use hydrothermy (heat stored in the water) as a source of energy to generate electricity. Energy is extracted from the water through heat exchange with flowing waters. This is done without dams and in the natural river landscape. Running waters are sustainable for flora and fauna and for the climate. Bedload transported freely at the bottom can naturalise river landscapes and create biotopes and ecosystems. Fish passability promotes species diversity.

SubZero Riverpower Plants operate as base load and control power plants near the banks. Electricity is generated by water heat exchange via an innovative two-phase cooling process in novel CO2 expansion motors, which drive the generators and feed the electricity via transformers into the public grid.

SubZero Riverpower Plant 5 MW

  • Flood-free on plateau stand
  • 2 containers SubZero power generation
  • 1 Container E-cabinets
  • 1 container of power transformers
  • Concealed underwater connection
  • below bank water stairs
  • Required floor space approx. 500 m²