Conjures up powder snow like from clouds

The SnowWizard can be a real problem solver in the Alps, where every year the electricity consumption of a large city is needed to turn many millions of cubic metres of water into snow.

Not only would the SnowWizard not incur any electricity costs, but it would also produce electricity that could be fed into the public grid or used directly on site! Thus the device would pay for itself and even earn money as a green mini power station!

Due to the significantly lower water consumption, the unit can also be used as a mobile unit and installed directly on a snow groomer.

Outside air is drawn in soundproofed by a horizontal blower and cooled to a low powder snow temperature of -40° C using special recuperators.

At the 180° pivoting rectangular SnowWizard air outlet, with height-adjustable ejection flaps and water spray nozzles, nucleons form ice crystals over the entire surface, which grow into powder snow crystals in the wide arc ejection.

Mobile SnowWizard T.echnology for CO2-free track drive with water tank and rear powder ejection for simultaneous slope maintenance.

Powder snow snowing independent of the outside temperature – no electricity costs and up to 90% water saving