Energy self-sufficient
Electric vehicle drive

CAINIC CO2-SubZero Technologies©

Cainic CO2 SubZero-Technologies energy system in series hybrid electric vehicle as environmentally neutral range ender, generates environmental energy from the air via recuperators while driving and when stationary.

This is transformed into battery charging current for electric drive motors via gas expansion motor, power generator and converter. Losses of heat on the power and braking sides are fed back into the system as energy gain.

Example circuit diagram: Cainic SubZero Technologies energy system Series hybrid with energy self-sufficient range extender

System advantages with Cainic CO2-SubZero Technologies

  • no km restrictions
  • no charging stations
  • no charging infrastructure (i.e. green electricity without power plants)
  • no additional power grid
  • full power of the electric motors in battery self-charging mode while driving

Side effect

Purification of the intake air from pollutants (including fine dust) by cooling and elimination of humidity as condensate during air energy generation. In case of fire, the CO2 energy system automatically becomes a fire extinguishing system.